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Santa Clarita Web Design firm TruBlu Web Consulting are experts in web design, having created nearly 700 websites since 1999. While we have created on every platform including WordPress, HTML, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and many more, WordPress is our absolute favorite platform. WordPress offers incredible flexibility — gone are the “bloggy” days — where one can create just about anything you envision; it truly is a blank canvas open for the painting. Some Santa Clarita Web Design firms are locked in a particular technology so that’s all they recommend to their clients; we assess each case individually based on the needs of the business and goals you have for your market.

Santa Clarita Web Design WordPress Experts

If you are looking for a Santa Clarita web designer that is a WordPress Expert, we at TruBlu have created over 500 WordPress websites so we know about the idiosyncracies of the platform. Whether your vision calls for a completely custom web design or a modification of an existing theme, we have it covered. We are Santa Clarita Web Designers who can deliver any design you may envision. We also provide perfect clones of websites built on other platforms; if your old HTML site just isn’t performing well in the search engines and you have heard about the many SEO benefits of switching to WordPress but don’t want to disrupt your branding, no problem! We have created perfect clones of sites from PHP, Joomla, HTML and many others. We even have special care for you Flash website owners who have lost part of your customer base due to your website not being visible on mobile devices.

To be blunt, John is a rockstar. There aren’t that many web design guru rockstars that I know of in the world and if there were John would still be the brightest of them all. John went so far beyond what I would imagine a designer to do and in the process transformed my idea of what is possible, not only in design but also in communication and work ethics. 
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Santa Clarita Web Design, SEO and Mobile Friendly

Santa Clarita Web DesignWe are a Santa Clarita Web Design team who sees the big picture. Gone are the days when you could just put up a pretty site and people would find it. It must be properly optimized for the search engines. All of our web designs are fully optimized for SEO, mobile friendly and super-easy for you to update and maintain. TruBlu is a Santa Clarita web design firm who guarantees your satisfaction with fast turnaround times, reliable friendly service and a comprehensive solution that takes into account our vast experience. Not all design firms are equal, to be candid. We have received projects started by other designers only to have to re-do large chunks because of incompatibilities with search engines, mobile devices and so on. Do it right the first time when you hire your Santa Clarita Web Design expert.

About John Flynn

John Flynn is a business consultant specializing in optimizing the online presence of local business, with clients throughout the United States and abroad. Utilizing adaptive strategies for each niche, market and business, he is able to consistently exceed the goals of delivering more customers and sales. In addition, John is a product creator, speaker, author, husband and father.

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